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Dental Hygiene Milton Keynes

At Woburn Sands Dental Practice, we provide comprehensive hygienist services to aid in the prevention of gum disease and to promote excellent day-to-day oral hygiene habits.

Our skilled hygienist team offers patients individual advice on brushing, flossing and oral health habits for the best possible personal care regime. Appointments may also involve professional scale and polish services, gum disease prevention or management plans, and the effective prevention of dental decay.

In some instances, our hygienist team may work alongside our dentists to provide a complete periodontal treatment and maintenance plan

If you are suffering from gum disease, tooth decay or mouth infections, contact us today to book an appointment with one of our highly qualified dental hygienists who will visit your home or workplace and carry out a thorough cleaning service to help rid you of any bacterial growth or infection causing your bad breath, gum disease and other dental hygiene issues. We also offer other dental treatments such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



What Is Dental Hygiene?

Dental hygiene is the process of keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy. It involves brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth with water or mouthwash. You should also visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. If you have any questions about dental hygiene, please contact us at Woburn Sands Dental Practice in Milton Keynes.

The Importance Of Dental Hygiene 

If you don’t take care of your teeth, you run the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Both tooth decay and gum disease can seriously affect your oral health if left untreated. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires regular brushing and flossing. We can help you maintain your smile’s appearance by removing tartar buildup with our professional help! The Woburn Sands Dental Practice in Milton Keynes, offers a variety of dental hygiene services to keep your mouth healthy.

What Does A Hygienist Do?

A dental hygienist is a trained professional who works closely with a dentist to promote oral health. They remove plaque and tartar from teeth, take x-rays, and provide fluoride treatments. They also teach patients how to brush and floss properly. If you’re interested in learning more about dental hygiene or scheduling an appointment, please contact us.

How Do I Take Care Of My Teeth?

Brushing and flossing are the two most important things you can do to take care of your teeth. You should brush at least twice a day, and floss at least once a day. In addition to brushing and flossing, you should also visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. Regular dental checkups will ensure that there is no plaque or tartar buildup on your teeth, which can lead to cavities and other dental problems. At our dental practice in Milton Keynes we offer gentle gum treatment with scale and polish as well as teeth whitening treatments such as Enlighten tooth whitening treatments in our clinic.

Here are a few tips you should follow to take better care of your teeth:

  • Clean between teeth with floss
  • Brush in a circular motion
  • Have regular check-ups
  • Visit our practice for high-quality dental care
  • Smile more often!
  • Enjoy better oral health


Our hygienists train with a focus on preventing gum disease and working to effectively manage established gum disease. Our dentists may recommend you see the hygienist if you show signs of early gum disease, in which case it could be entirely treatable. The dentist may also recommend you see the hygienist for certain treatments as part of a longer-term periodontal treatment plan.


When you see the hygienist for oral hygiene advice and management they might recommend adjustments to your daily routine. They may recommend the use of a different type of toothbrush or toothpaste and they may recommend you start flossing too. A dental hygienist is also able to provide individual tips and guidance on smoking cessation and other lifestyle habits that may affect your oral health.


A professional scale and air polish is something the hygienist may do as part of a regular dental maintenance plan created for you. It works using a combination of jetted water, air and tiny particles to remove hard plaque build-ups and any dirt and surface stains on the teeth. You can also book in for a scale and polish as a standalone appointment before an important event like a party or wedding. It works as a great non-chemical alternative to teeth whitening, to brighten and whiten the smile, improving the health and appearance of your teeth and gums immediately.

Speak To Us About Our Hygienist Services Today!

If you would like a professional scale and polish to brighten your smile for an important event, or you think you may have gum disease and would like some advice, please get in touch. You can speak to our friendly team on 01908 282428 and they will be able to let you know if you need to see a dentist first, or if you can book in to see the hygienist as a standalone appointment.



This procedure is safe for adults and children and the more common reactions are discomfort rather than pain. It's best to floss before a dental appointment to ensure less build-up of food and gunk between teeth and gums. This will make your visit to the dentist go more smoothly and your dental health can be managed painlessly. Talk to your dentist or hygienist about how to apply a numbing gel to the teeth in advance, if you are worried about the sensitivity of your teeth.

In addition to basic scale and polish, dental hygienists are trained to provide more detailed gum disease treatment as well as fillings. We hope this information will help you decide on the right course of action for you. The professional scrub can turn your mood around and leave you with a gleaming smile!

Mouthwashes that claim to prevent cavities, discomfort, and bad breath may help if you brush your teeth and floss regularly. Our dentist will be able to suggest the best one for you. For some people, such as people with gum health issues or those with dry mouth, a toothpaste without alcohol is recommended. Younger children under the age of 6 shouldn't use mouthwash because there is a chance they might swallow it.

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