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Preventative Care

Our clinic is proud to hold preventative dental care at the heart of what we offer for all of our patients.

We want to ensure we provide everything we can to help you gain, restore and maintain the healthiest, happiest smile possible.

Our detailed oral examinations are designed to ensure any issues are picked up quickly, including any problems that could occur in the future if oral habits are not adjusted. The quicker a problem is noticed, the quicker it can be prevented, or treated at an early stage, avoiding unnecessary pain and cost in the future.

Our experienced dentists and hygienists also offer hygiene services and fluoride treatments to ensure you have access to comprehensive preventative care.

Patient Information

When you join our practice we ask you to complete a medical questionnaire and this will be reviewed with you regularly to keep it up to date. By doing this we are aware of any past dental issues or work, as well as past or current medical conditions or issues that may have an affect on your oral health. For example; you may be planning to have a baby, in which case we would recommend outstanding dental work is completed before you become pregnant.

Certain medications and medical conditions can also enhance your risks of certain issues like gum disease. The more aware we are of your medical status, the more precise we can be about your dental care.

Dental Check-ups

Based on the clinical needs, new patients may have X-rays taken at their first appointment with us so that we can check the health of the teeth and surrounded bone.

Current patients may also require an X-ray depending on the health of their teeth and gums during the check-up. With both new and current patients, we will always ask for any new health developments that have occurred since your last examination so we can provide the most relevant oral check-up possible for your needs.

Once we have all the necessary information, we will complete an examination of your teeth and gums as well as the surrounding soft tissues. We perform a routine oral cancer check at every check-up, and we may also give your teeth a quick scale and polish. If we notice any issues during your check-up we will discuss them with you, along with our next recommended step, which might be changes in your oral health regime, treatment or referral to a relevant specialist or practitioner.

Fluoride Varnish and Fissure Sealants

Part of our prevention strategy at our Woburn Sands clinic includes the use of fissure sealants and fluoride varnish. Both are designed to help protect your teeth against dental decay. Fluoride varnish is applied as additional protection, and to help the tooth remineralise and desensitise.

Fissure sealant provides a protective layer against bacteria, stopping them getting into the tiny fissures in the teeth. These are most often applied to the teeth of children aged up to 16 years old, but adults occasionally benefit from them too.

Please contact Woburn Sands Dental Practice to book your Check-up

We are pleased to provide treatment for the whole family, from special pregnancy dental needs, to baby’s first tooth exam, young adult straightening services and grandma’s the first set of dentures.

Please call our friendly team today on 01908 282428 for more information or to book your check-up.

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